An Editorial

I think it missed me, this little blog of mine, because when I logged in this morning she asked where I have been.  I’m not a very good liar, so after some hemming and hawing, I told her the truth.  I told her that I have been having an affair with some other blogs and that I was returning on my hands and knees hoping she would take me back.  She cried a little- so did I, but I think we have worked through our differences- mostly- and hope for a better relationship in the future.  

The only thing we couldn’t agree on was what to do with the mistress blogs.  She wants me to promise that I will forsake them all together- never to see or talk to them again.  I am not sure I can do that.  I know that’s the right thing to do- but perusing their lovely pages and looking at their visitation stats is going to be too much of a temptation for me.  I know that already.  I can see myself logging in- just to check, of course- and that one thing will lead to another and that I will suddenly have a post written and published. 

She was offended, but could see where I was coming from.  She is so understanding!  What a blog!  I will always love her.  Anyway, we are still debating the issue, but have decided that, for the time being at least, we are both okay with an “open” relationship.  We just have to tell each other who we are seeing, and when.  I was too scared, however, to mention that I plan on moving my two favorites in with us.  I’ll have to break that news very carefully, I think.  It would just be so convenient to have them all together!  My pretty little family life blog mingling with my DIY construction blog, both of whom would get along beautifully with this one!  It’ll be quite the domestic scene.  I know they’ll be good friends once they get over a little jealousness.  Don’t you think?             


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