One of the things I was afraid of, after finding out about the ADHD, was the stigma attached to it. I wanted to avoid it at all costs and keep the secret to myself. There was one scenario, however, that I was most worried about: the line at the pharmacy. I had worked out this dialog a thousand times in my head trying to avoid the inevitable. It always ended the same way. Disastrously!

Oh, hey neighbor!
What’s that you say?
Why am I in line at the pharmacy?
Well, um, er, cough, I uuhh… did you see that article in the paper this morning?!
Can you believe that?
Crazy huh?! Who knew a cow could even do that?
How they got that cow to confess I’ll never know.
My! Those rutabagas in your cart do look delicious!

You say someone is calling my name?
Oh yeah. Haha. I forgot where I was. Too bad we gotta cut it short. See ya later.
Oh, you have something to pick up too eh.
Wonderful, and be sure to come right up to the counter with me ‘cause the conversation we are having is soo riveting, and I want you to know what I am picking up and why.

Oh, what did you say Miss Pharmacy Technician?
Yes, I know this is a controlled substance.
Yes, I have my ID right here.
Yes, this medication is for me, and I take it every day for the ADHD that I have.
Thank you.

Well, yes neighbor, I do have ADHD, and I think you should talk just a little louder.

Oh, wait! I do believe Miss Pharmacy Technician is calling your name.
Well, even people who don’t like Star Wars could have ADHD.
No, it’s not just a childhood disease.
If he had it as a kid, he still has it.
Um, yeah he still has it.
Still has it, and technician gal is still waiting.
So, considering he went to MIT, labeling him as stupid was probably stupid right? Haha yeah, I think so too.
Well, I’m done growing now, so I doubt that this medication is going to stunt my growth at all.
Oh yes! I was really hoping that you would tell all the other neighbors about my “condition”. The blind leading the blind is always a good scenario.
Yes, I’m looking forward to the awkward conversations with them too.
Okay, see ya.
Excuse me crowd of people gathered ‘round to listen in on my private conversation with the neighbor I was most hoping to avoid. I’m going home now. Thank you.


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